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tillandsia ionantha varieties

van-hyningii If the lighting isn't bright enough, however, they're unlikely to flower. The bloom of an Ionantha is very striking, and a definite highlight to the experience of owning this plant. Although Tillandsia ionantha is a mesic variety suited to warm, humid, tropical-like environments (ideally between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit), provided you give them regular mistings, they can still do well in dry heat. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Indirect light is the ionantha's best friend. Tillandsia ionantha might be one of the more hardy air plant species, but they do still have some particular care requirements that need to be met for them to thrive. Tillandsia Ionantha: Tillandsia Ionantha is one of the types of air plants. The Tillandsia Ionantha is native Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, and certain areas of South America. Tillandsia ionantha is one of the most commonly grown air plants and often the one that new growers try first thanks to its easy-growing nature, quick clumping pestiferous growth coupled with its showy display around flowering. They finally blushed, 2 had beautiful flowers and are now producing pups. There are many types of Tillandsia Ionantha, for example: Ionantha Fuego (fire), Ionantha Scaposa, Ionantha Rubra and Ionantha Ionantha (which can be found in red color in the picture). Allardtia (A. Dietr) Baker; Tillandsia subg. They should be allowed to dry out before repositioning. Compared to other air plants, ionantha is known for being robust, adaptable and needs minimal maintenance—perfect if you haven't cared for these types of plants before. To get a better idea of what air plants look like and their unique features, browse through 18 popular types of air plants below. We recommend the ionantha combo pack! The Tillandsia Ionantha red is a very exclusive product. During this bloom phase, the leaves on the plant also become more eye-catching, developing pink or reddish hues. Tillandsia ionantha, also known as the sky plant, is a bromeliad plant. Max Ehlers; Tillandsia ionantha var. Published on the internet. Other forms, like the popular but rare T. ionantha fuego air plants, are named for their primary characteristics. My T. Ioantha fuego are 2 years from purchase. maxima Tillandsia ionantha var. ', Although it can take several years for the plant to mature, and it usually goes into decline after around five years, mature plants readily grow off-shooting 'pups.'. Description: Tillandsia Ionantha 'Fuego'. The varieties will include rubra, Guatemala, druid, Huamelula Mexico and vanhyningii. The ionantha fuego gets its name from its fire-y red color which comes out when these plants get plenty of good sunlight. Tillandsia Ionantha Airplant Seeds Price for Package of 5 seeds. Enthusiasts report good results from adding an organic fertilizer made from fish emulsion to the misting spray. Looking to add a variety of ionanthas to your air plant collection? Published on the internet. Tillandsia Ionantha Varieties Given its popularity, it shouldn't be a surprise that there's a wide selection of ionantha to choose from. Tillandsia ionantha is an attractive plant, with layers silvery-green leaves that deepen in color as they grow and extend. salchuiwt / Flckr / Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0). It is native to the forests of Guatemala and likes less light and more moisture than some ionantha varieties. stricta … The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Tillandsia (air plants) Tillandsia is a gender which comes from the family of Bromelia. The small size of this airplant makes it perfect for windowsills where the plant can benefit from plenty of sunlight. The Ionathia variation – meaning that it has violet flowers in Latin The stricta variation – native mostly to Oaxaca in Mexico Most of the Ionantha tillandsia varieties emit blue/purple shoot with yellow or white flowers on the top. In dry regions, you can even run your ionantha under the tap for short periods, although they should never be fully submerged. As they become more established, the thin and long foliage stretches, the colors deepen, and they take on a more wavy form. You will fall in love with them when you find them one morning! Some fertilizers are made specifically for air plants, and feeding your Tillandsia ionantha with one anywhere from once a fortnight to once a month could be beneficial during the summer months. Tillandsia ionantha 'Druid' is a small, evergreen epiphyte up to 5 inches (12.5 cm) tall, with compact rosettes of green and silver-hued leaves, turning to peach or pale yellow when starts to flower. None of our Tillandsia are harvested from the wild! These impressive ionantha air plants are prolific clumpers and clumps of these are prized for their striking color. When they are going into bloom cycle, the central leaves will turn reddish. People also refer to tillandsia Ionantha as a sky plant. Have a question? This variety is the most widespread, growing from Mexico to Costa Rica at altitudes of 450 to 5,000 feet. P.Koide stricta; Tillandsia ionantha var. To care for them, simply soak in water for up to 10 minutes every one to two weeks, then hang upside down to fully dry. There are many different forms of ionantha air plants, and each have distinct features that differentiate them from each other. Another appealing aspect when it comes to Tillandsia ionantha is that it's virtually disease and pest-free. This means that it grows in a tropical climate and has a short stem. They're a great addition in office environments because of their love of fluorescent lighting. One of the great things about this plant is that, once mature, it readily sprouts offshoots that are referred to as 'pups.'. Availability:: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days Product Code: IONRED. Tillandsia ionantha is a small, evergreen epiphyte up to 5 inches (12.5 cm) tall, with compact rosettes of green and silver-hued leaves, turning to a deeper shade of green when mature. Like all air plants, Tillandsia ionantha shouldn't be put in a typical potting medium. Tillandsia ionantha species are in general smaller air plants that are popular for air plant novices and collectors alike as they work well in a variety of displays and are hardy plants that require minimal care. Specifically, Tillandsia Ionantha has two varieties: If you are completely new to gardening or just need a reminder, here is a free Indoor Plant Care for Beginners in a form of a mini course for you. The inner leaves are deep red at the time of flowering. Airplant - Tillandsia Ionantha With a silvery hue, these easy plants are a breeze for any home dwellers that like a living plant at home. It can also be found growing in the wild in the Southern United States in Texas, Florida and California. This form is particularly striking when it produces pups or offsets, which cascade down the plant in … Whats Wrong With My Air Plant (Tillandsia)? If any pests do bother your ionantha, rinsing the plant and then hanging it to dry is usually enough to dislodge them. Getting the lighting right is one of the key factors of good air plant care. They absorb the majority of their nutrients from the air through their leaves. 2. Contact us at for a quick response! The specific assortment that you receive will be based on availability of Ionantha Scaposa, Ionantha Rubra, Ionantha Guatemalan, Ionantha Fuego and Ionantha Mexican, Velutina, Brachycaulos and Bulbosa. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Good air circulation is also vital for this plant. 2019. The Tillandsia ionantha v. vanhyningii is a sought-after variety for its succulent, thick leaves which grow in a star-like pattern off a long "branch-like" body. She has been involved in the Pet Industry for over 15 years. T. ionantha rubra is native to Central and South American and comes in 2 forms - soft and hard. Cultivation and Propagation: Tillandsia ionantha cv. © 2020 Air Plant Design Studio. Approximately 1-2" long. Tillandsia ionantha var. Gemma is a Freelance Writer and Animal Welfare Advocate. Our Price: $ 2.95. The Ionantha Small Plant Variety includes 3 to 4 varieties of small Ionantha air plants. These will be clumps of ionantha that, in some cases have a bloomed out mother. Corsa Plant / we mainly have the Tillandsia Ionantha Ionantha in green and red color available with a … A great airplant for terrarium growing. It's no surprise that they're also often called 'blushing bride air plants. Given its popularity, it shouldn't be a surprise that there's a wide selection of ionantha to choose from. The visual appearance of the Ionantha variety makes it a favorite for use in air plant design. Tillandsia in Kew Science Plants of the World online. This enables the plant to attract hummingbirds which help to pollinate its flowers. They don't need as much water as many air plants, though, and don't appreciate being soaking wet. Fuego: has smaller intensely neon red coloured rosettes less than 6 cm tall when it blooms and has a tendency to retain a lot of red colouration even after blooming. Tillandsia ionantha cv. This is an air plant, so no soil needed!

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