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Succulent subscription box. Succulents Box | Subscription Box - 123.61k Followers, 0 Following, 20907 pins | Your best plant friend Succulent Subscription & Gift Boxes +300 popular & rare succulent varieties from California Get $5 off first box … Other. Add greenery to your home and improve its air quality with our variety of succulents. Leaf & Clay’s recent Plant Mail Club shipments have included Anacampseros Rufescens, Crassula (Money Tree), and Kalanchoe (Chocolate Soldier). For only $6 a month, you'll receive new succulents on your doorstep! By Andrea Beck March 09, 2020 Advertisement. Categories Log in Join for free. Succulents Box | Subscription Box - 123.61k Followers, 0 Following, 20907 pins | Your best plant friend Succulent Subscription & Gift Boxes +300 popular & rare succulent varieties from California Get $5 off first box - Use code 5OFF Succulents Box offers 5 subscription plans which start at $14.95/month for one succulent or air plant, up to $20/month for 4 succulents. New subscribers also receive a foliage cleaning brush in their first box to help them care for their collection. Every two-inch succulent or air plant delivered in these plans costs about $5 each, and subscribers save 5 percent if they prepay for three, six, or 12 months of plants. We offer options of 1/2/3/4 succulents of 2” size with 4 different varieties each month. Featured Succulent(s) + Cool Container(s) + Easy Care Instructions + Succulent Soil and/or other Fun Extras ...all packed and shipped with love. Past boxes have included Octopus Agave, Echeveria Perle, and String of Pearls plants. CHOOSE Premium Mix Collection. Sort. Succulent Studios' succulent subscription boxes have exemplary sustainability credentials. This subscription service is pretty simple — at just $10 per month, you get two 8-week-old mystery succulents mailed to your door in a neat little box. Send Text Message Print Comment. You’ll receive a new assortment of miniature garden decorations each month. I appreciate the effort to be environmentally-conscious.” I didn’t ponder for long, though. Alternatively you could use sign up a friend or family member using our gift subscription option which is available in 3 or 6 month blocks. Cost: $27.99. A Succulent Experience For Everyone. - Graptoveria Moonglow is an attractive succulent with large thick greenish-ivory leaves and small upright orange-yellow flowers borne close to the plant. Send a pick me up or treat yourself to a subscription box featuring everryone's favorites: Succulents! Four Fresh Plants Per Month. ", "There are two boxes: one for the casual green thumb and one for the serious crafter or plant collector.". Plus, there's a 30-day guarantee on plant health, so if the plant arrives wilted or unhealthy, it can be returned. Here is a list of the succulents they carry. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series. Succulent Club offers up to a 10 percent discount when prepaying for its three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions. Check out commonly asked questions and their answers below. Succulents Subscription Box is the perfect product for plant lovers to indulge their love monthly! But if you get 4 succulent/month box, the shipping … Out of all the main succulent subscriptions such as succulent boxes or succulent studios, succulents monthly is my favorite. I highly recommend this super cute subscription box. While most succulents are shipped in plastic pots, the company also offers monthly subscription boxes of two succulents in their own clay pots for $20 a month. Zoe is a full-time freelancer who has covered interior design and urbanism for the New York Post and Jersey Shore tourism for Curbed Philly, among contributions to other outlets . 12 month. Best Air Plant Subscriptions & Succulent Subscription Boxes And where to buy air plants and succulents: After scouring the web, trying to find the best places to buy succulents online, I have created a list of 6 Succulent Box and Air Plant Box that you need to check out now! Shop Now . This subscription box is just for you. Cost: $15. Succulent … Save Pin FB. Due to the themes the company chooses and the wide variety of plants they grow, it will take multiple years for subscribers to see a plant repeat. This is the ideal subscription for those who love plants and want to keep their collection fresh and exciting. As one of the smaller and less expensive boxes, this could be a great way to try out a subscription box. The company has options for three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions, which can be delivered as gifts. They also carry air plants and cacti. 4 min read, December 13, 2020 $18.95 - $208.95. The Boutique Box includes the mini cactus + succulent arrangement of the month, top … A month-to-month subscription is around $19. Get or gift a single box or choose a subscription plan Charming succulent arrangements delivered in a pretty box. ", "Recent monthly deliveries have included varieties like String of Pearls, Senecio Serpens (Blue Chalksticks), and String of Dolphins. Ready to get two stunning succulents … New Online Store Opening in 2021! Succulents Online, Succulent Gift Boxes and Monthly Subscription Boxes. Makes an excellent gift!!! Choose a gift duration, set a shipment date, and we'll take care of the rest! We have recently learned about a fun new subscription box which seems perfect for the winter time when we need some fresh items in our … Established in 2017, Succulents Box offers 5 monthly subscription plans + more than 300 gorgeous succulent varieties, organically grown in Southern California This $10 Succulent Subscription Box Is a Must-Have for Plant Parents. These renewing succulent subscription boxes and nonrenewing succulent gift boxes are a perfect surprise for any occasion, and for anyone in your life. For a month-to-month subscription… More. They contain everything you need to grow your beautiful succulent collection or build relaxing, … Subscribers to the Plant Mail Club can sign up for a one-month subscription for approximately $20, a three-month subscription for around $54, or a six-month subscription for about $96. subscription. Since I try to stay away from shopping or going to stores as much as I can now, this is a great way to get some new plants each month. Unlike most other succulent boxes, Mountain Crest Gardens picks a theme for its box every month and chooses plant varieties that fit that theme. Favorite Add to 3 Month Succulent & Cactus Subscription HelloHiCacti. From shop HelloHiCacti. Succulent Studios Subscription Box includes two unique succulents every month, shipped from our second-generation nursery straight to your doorstep! From their quirky forms to their easy care, succulents spread joy … The box also comes with information on how to care for each plant. Once you subscribe, you're getting fully rooted succulents that are sustainably sourced from certified farms across CA delivered to your door. We feature: - Dancing Bones Hatiora Salicornioides is a slender, erect, arching or somewhat pendent, bushy, up to 2 feet (60 cm) tall. CHECK IT OUT. Choose to get between 1 to 4 plants each month, and whether you're a first-timer or you have a time-tested green thumb, each month's box is … Past plants have included succulents like Kalanchoe (Panda Plant) and Echeveria (Neon Breaker). Succulents Box currently offers more than 200 varieties of succulents (both popular and rare ones) along with 5 monthly subscription boxes.They have pet-friendly succulent subscription boxes, succulent boxes for beginners, a fun Halloween spooky succulent … Send two gorgeous, organically-grown succulents to someone who deserves a little something special. Succulent subscription box. Subscription boxes can really suck.... but we think they can be great! We offer more than 200 varieties and 6 types of monthly subscriptions. Succulent Subscription Box. Subscribers can cancel or pause a subscription at any time. Discounts average $8 off with a Succulents Box promo code or coupon. 6. I changed my subscription several times and the company was always responsive and accommodating. $198.00 . Does this prickle your fancy? Upon opening the box, I was greeted by this sight: Save My initial thought was, “What are these little alien pods?” My second thought was, “Hey, they used recycled newspaper for packing material instead of foam peanuts. Get a mix of succulents and succulent related gifts every month delivered to your door with FREE delivery This is a unique product and very popular, the plants are grown locally and the box truly all South African made Cactus + Succulent Subscription Box Get or gift a single box or choose a subscription plan Charming succulent arrangements delivered in a pretty box The Boutique Box includes the mini cactus + succulent arrangement of the month, top dressing, care instructions, plus a little something extra for yourself. You can go for a 1 time purchase or 3, 6, or 12 months subscription and the plant will be delivered right to your doorstep. Succulent Source charges about $30 for a monthly box with shipping included.

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