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how to draw a lion easy step by step

Learn how to draw a lion's head for beginners in an easy step-by-step tutorial with artist Harriet Muller. . Thanks you teach drawing very nicely, like a artist. Each of the lines will form a nearly enclosed, irregular shape. How To Draw a Lion Step 1: Begin by drawing the nose.. Check out our cartoon drawing lesson how to draw a lion face if you want to make a realistic looking drawing.First, we are going to sketch the head shape. The smaller circle makes the head of the lion. You will need a pencil, pen, an eraser and paper. Please log in again. You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone. Draw several dots above the mouth and extend nearly straight lines to form whiskers. Draw another circle on the top left side as a guide for the lion cub's head. It is very tempting to start drawing a lion by outlining the lion’s mane and the head but the correct positioning of the body is more important at this stage. This will begin to form the lion's mane. Step 2: Add the mane to the top of the head section.. Step 12: Color the lion’s tongue in black and outline the rest of the body with the black sketch pen. Now, using the t-shaped guidelines, begin sketching the lion's facial … All the best Lion Drawing Easy Step By Step 36+ collected on this page. Get The Markers HERE = Enclose the shape of the mane by extending a series of curved lines from the top portion of the mane to the bottom portion. How to Draw a Lion Full Body Step by Step. Drawing and colouring reach a level of excellence when practised often, if not daily. Draw a large circle where you'd like … Step 2: Draw the mane of the lion. Description: Hey guys. To draw a nose, draw a wide ‘V’ under the eyes of the lion. Step by step tutorial, show you how to draw it, very simple. Make a circle around the intersection to get the rough width and shape o the upper part of the head 3. To draw the back legs, begin by extending an "S" shaped line from the stomach area. All you will need is a piece of paper and something with which to draw, such as a pen, pencil or marker. ☞ Playlist youtube of drawing for kids EASY: Drawing of a lion is a basic and simple drawing, to help beginners or children practice to observe “how to draw a lion” at a basic level. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Step … Step 1: To begin with, draw a “U” with a slightly wide bottom on the paper. Enclose a curved shape above each eye to form eyebrows. The space between the two circles should be about 1 … Step 6: Erase the top-half of the oval shape. Let’s start with his head and draw something not very lion-like at all… a sort of wonky egg shape, longer than it is wide, a bit square at the top and a bit pointy at the bottom. Detail your lion's face. Erase the guide lines formed by the original circle. You will be erasing some of your early lines, called guide lines, as you go along. Roarrrr! You can do this by using mainly straight lines with a few basic curves around the joints and two larger curves to indicate the upper front areas of the paws. Cartoon movies such as Kimba, the White Lion (1966) and Disney's The Lion King (1994) have made drawings of maned lions quite popular. Learn How to draw a Lion for Kids easy and step by step. The login page will open in a new tab. This tutorial will show you how a simple cartoon lion. How To Draw A Lion Method 1: How To Draw A Lion In 13 Simple Steps. Draw a second circle to the right of the first circle. To me, lions are some of the most beautiful animals around. Also, draw an inverted triangle in … 9. Let your Baby’s Pictures Dazzle up the House! 1. The African lion (Panthera leo) is known for being a majestic animal, often called King of the Jungle. Make three humps of equal size for nose and mouth. Draw a semi-circle beneath this curved line to form the tongue of the lion. And once he gets the hang of it, he can teach his friends too! Next, draw a smaller circle inside this circle such that the space between both the circles is one centimeter. Connect the bottom of the circles using a series of curved lines that meet in jagged points. Draw a curved line above the eye and use another for the nose. Use a series of curved lines to outline the detail of the lion's snout, nose, and mouth within the rectangle. Step 2 In the larger circle draw the eyes and in the lower circle draw the nose. Draw your hair with wavy lines.

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