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dobyns fury crankbait rod

I love to use jigs in deep water in winter. This rod is not heavy at all, really a Med action rod, very flexible, perfect small square bill, jerk bait rod nonetheless. Comments: Have had my 7,3 MH for years and have used it to catch countless snakeheads. Good rod, when it's in 1 piece. Brand: Dobyns Rods. If you're on a budget these are a must have. Swimbaits, Giidebaits, Umbrella Rigs. I have the 7'6", 2-7'3", 7' CB, and 7' MH. FR 664C. Most notably the fact that I can't seem to keep fish buttoned with this rod. Amazing all the way around, everything you will ever need or want in a rod! Great rod. Comments:Ordered the 7'3 Mag Heavy for jigs. This rod is insane for the price! The series boasts the essential features that serious anglers demand. Weightless worm rod. Be smart and save the money, Comments:So I recently got the 795 and was successfully casting a 3oz Glide bait, but. I had a couple of small imperfections in the Dobyns label and green rings. I wouldn't feel nearly as comfortable setting the hook the way I do if I had paid double the price tags of this rod or more. Can't wait to put her to use soon! Eventually, all my rods will migrate to Fury's. FR 704C. I really like how Dobyns suggests appropriate lures for each model because when I first started to get into Bass fishing I had no idea what I was doing when it came to length/power/action/etc. Only thing I wish was better is the cork. Great product from a great company. crankbait, flipping, swimbait, spinning As always TW packaged the rod with a very thick cardboard tube and it arrived in perfect condition. The blank is great. The thing they didn't know was that the 806 in the high end swimbait rods lineup is the same rod blank and handle as the 806 in this line up. Very very impressed with it, only downside is it's heavier than my slx rod, however it's more sensitive. Senkos, Jigs, Flukes, Texas-rigs, Spinnerbaits. This series of rods is distinguished by its lightness … Xtasy Series Toray Nano graphite blanks Fuji titanium Torzite guides Painted Fuji graphite reel seats All custom cosmetics and handle Kevlar wrapping Full handle AAAA-grade Portugal cork grips Unique serial number on each rod Price Range: $549.99 view details Champion Extreme HP Series Toray High modulus graphite blanks Fuji Not much, but a bit. In fact, I sold all of my new GLoomis EX6 rods and replaced them with Fury rods. I have fished many brands including G. Loomis and st. Croix and id take the dobyns over both. I know that sometime rods break. One thing to consider though is the power ratings. Comments:Bought the 7'6" MH fast for Jigs, Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs, and all purpose baits. My rod came in a 4.7 ounces with a tab it of tip heavyness to it. Its a great rod over all but its just ever rated in its weight. Comments:i have the 806 heavy swimbait rod and i would say it is a little over rated on the weight range. The rod is still in 1 piece, very solid. Texas Rigs, Jigs, Spinnerbaits, Horny Toads. So I used it on my general purpose rod, because it feels more like a MH rod. !The 734 will not let you down as an all around rod. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. this rods built perfect it's lighter then the exact same legth Gloomis E6X which is a $200+ rod but the Gloomis is heavier then these rods save the money and buy these I have 14 and love them. The somewhat parabolic action on these really keeps those treble hooks firmly planted in the fish. I was able to swap out for the 734 and I couldn't be happier. Hopefully that's covered by warranty but if not I don't think I will be purchasing anymore of these I was a little disappointed & am now out $110. Can't go wrong with the Fury series. Comments:Everyone says that the swimbait series of dobyns is amazing. Comments:I went with the Fury 806SB over the Daiwa DXSB XHeavy. Comments:I have the 705 cranking rod the 7'0 medium heavy with the moderate fast action and I have to say its a mean squarbill and chatterbait rod.It has a a good bend to it and i wasnt a believer of moderate action rods untill i got this one.if your throwing square bills or chatterbaots its good.ots durable and i havent had a single issue with it.It also has some better sensitivity then rods with moderate action i have tried.The cons are that to me this is not the best rod for jerkbaits or topwater as it states it can be used for because of the soft tip.but when you do hook fish on jerkbaots they stay pinned well and it doesnt pull the trebbles out of the fishes mouth like a fast actipn rod could.find what works best for you! Unleash the fury with the new Dobyns Fury Casting Rods. friendly option, or to simply add an extra Dobyns rods are the Best rods you can buy, no doubt. The warranty is great because I can just replace it by my house within a day later. 6 ounces is generous and 2-3 is its sweet spot. Normally, I'd say the 734 is the Dobyns jack of all trades. FR 705CB. ... Dobyns Fury 7' Med-Heavy Crankbait Casting Rod … Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option, or to simply add an extra rod to your arsenal, give Dobyns Fury Casting Rods a try. It's comfortable to fish with, but when flipping jigs, punch rigs or pegged t-rigs on braid I lose a lot of fish. Decently sensitive.Love how this rod reacts when setting the hook, very satisfying.Not very light, but makes up for that with excellent balance. The Kaden Series is the newest addition with Dobyns. Ive had my FR703C fury for about 3 months now and its awesome. Comments:I have to say I've been a die hard Phenix rod can because of quality & they have all been a step or two above the usual bigger companies like Abu Garcia, Quantum, ect. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Comments:This is my first rod from Dobyns. You would be very hard pressed to find a rod as sensitive these things are quality & at an unbelievable price point. Frogs, Pitchin' & Flippin', Small Swimbaits. Really like the new look and green logo but dont be fooled by the looks, this rod is what you would expect from Dobyns. Overall, an excellent rod for the price. Comments:Own the 703 and 705. I see a few more of these in my future. Dobyns Champion series rod was my first choice as I do not have any other Dobyn's rods but I have been enjoying the Abu Garcia Vendetta baitcasting 7' medium heavy and 7'6" heavy rods at $80 each. The 734 is my utility rod. I liked it, it wasn't bad I put on a big whopper plopper one day made a cast and my rod just snapped. Tactial Bassin's review lead me to the Fury and I have never been happier with a rod company. It's never been banged or treated harshly. Great rods love the slight more moderate bend they seem to have it really seems help keep fish hook. Is the Fury that much better than the DaiwaDX? Got the 7'6 general use and haven't regretted it since. This is a beast of a rod. Delivering top-of-the-line performance like only Dobyns Rods can, no expense was spared with the new Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Split Grip Casting Rods. If I thought it was a deep bass bite, I set the hook and this rod handled it easily and yes it was a bass every time. Comments:I have several Dobyns rods from Fury to Champ Extreme. On top of all this when I received the rod it had a bent guide with the epoxy separated from it. Next time I went to use I took it out of my rod glove & one of the guide eyelets popped out. Sensitive, light, quality components & excellent visual style. If you're on the fence. They said that I still needed to mail the rod in for "inspection", which cost me around $20. Comments:I got the 7'3 heavy for jigs but it turns out that its also great for chatterbaits. The mag heavy is strictly my jig rod and has plenty of sensitivity for dragging around deep brush and rock piles. I have several Champions and Champions HPs, so really I buy the Fury for the applications where I don't need feel-a-fish-fart type sensitivity. Will deff be buying a dozen more to replace my older line up. Very light weight as well. Comments:To the guy with the broke reel seat, there is a very good guarantee on all Dobyns rods. Used it several times and have been happy with the action and back bone of this rod. Paired with a revo toro s 60 such an awesome combo.. no problem with reel seats or the foam handles great grip when wet. tournament." Dobyns Fury Casting Rods. The new, top-of-the-line Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Full Handle Casting Rods feature key upgrades and enhancements for technique-specific performance you have to feel to believe. I will be picking up some others to try out. This kind of rod for its price point is unbelievable! I will be purchasing more of this model along with others. Really like the action for $100 rod. It's just a sturdy rod, and it feels well-built in your hand.I've even used it for spinnerbaits and belly weighted flukes, and it still gives me great casting distance despite being a little too heavy for those applications. $119.99 - $129.99 These rods feature powerful, high modulus graphite blanks for maximum sensativity and strength. This series is great and won't wreak havoc on your check book. Only fished them 12hrs tops so far but I am pretty impressed with them at this price point. We'll see if it mellows out a bit as it gets broken in. Dobyns nailed this one. If you want an all around low budget rod, you cannot go wrong. I know I'm not the only one to experience this, it's pretty clear from reading the comments here. Not worth it to me. The only thing I say could be improved is the durability of the guides. Tried and true - keep up the great work Dobyns and Tactical Bassin!From: Shawn: Minnesota 12/4/19, Comments:Purchased the 795SB for glide baits, swimbaits and A rigs. Stepped on and bent guides. * Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. I think they are awesome at the price point. Soft enough tip to walk the frogs good.Sensitive enough to feel a light nibble on a flippin bait and again perfect action to yank em up out of the slop.Cant say enough good about dobyns fury line.I have the feeling as I break rods or hand them down to the ol lady I'll be replacing them with the fury line! I also have the 735C for frogs, whopper ploppers, and heavy cover and wow it is a beast!!! A laptop or computer will show the handle option. I also use it as my frog rod and heavy spinnerbait rod. bottom line is this, beautiful, light rod that isn't very sensitive. Get the best deals on Dobyns Rods Bass Casting Fishing Rods 7' Rod when you shop the largest online selection at Over 20 Dobyns in the arsenal and one breakage they replaced for free I think is pretty good. Built with the input of Bass Pro Tour Professional Fred Roumbanis, the Dobyns Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis Series Casting Rods are carefully crafted to maximize the performance of some of Fred's favorite techniques, like flippin', froggin', cranking', and of course throwing a swimbait. In Dobyn's I have found their MH, is more like a Medium, their Heavy more like a MH & their Mag Heavy more like a Heavy in most other rods. I have a 10 year old team daiwa that walmart used to sell that is way more sensitive than this thing. All guides are tight true and wraps look good. Comments:Ordered the 8' heavy swimbait rod a few weeks back.The rating is was off and the rod was struggling to throw a 5oz bait.Overall it's a nice rod, especially for the money, and I'm sure I'll find a use for it but throwing big swimbaits is just not going to happen with this rod. Will be buying more. Comments:Going to say the same as everyone else: great rod, light, strong, sensitive and a great value. Guides were straight, but tilted forward a little too much. I use it a lot for Buzzbaits and toads. I've had to get eyes replaced on both the 7'3's I own. This happened with my fury 703. Didn' t even take the tag off and it came like this. The Kaden Series are all built on the spline and balanced. I have thrown and caught fish in squarebills, jerkbaits, soft plastic swimbaits, chatterbait, spinner baits, and even deep diving cranks in it. Yes Dobyns will replace it, but it will cost almost as much as it did to begin with so warranty means nothing. From: Unknown: 11/3/20, Comments: 705CB caught many fish, but the line guides did not last 2 1/2 months of about 150+ fish from pike, bass, carp, catfish, walleye, 7 (40in - 47in) muskies, a few turtles, 2 loons. I will no longer be using Dobyns rods, and I recommend that you do not either. Sign up for Dobyns Rods news and updates. I had one of the best 48 degree water fishing days of my life. I've been rough on mine and still not one flaw whatsoever. If that's what you want, this is your huckleberry. Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Full Handle Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Split Grip Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Crankbait Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Full Grip Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Glass Crankbait Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Oversize Swimbait Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Split Grip Casting Rods, Dobyns Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis Series Casting Rods. Its a joy to throw for hours on end. I have 2 of em and I'm about to buy another! I consider myself a 100 dollar rod/ reel "whore" and these are well beyond their price point. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option, or to simply add an extra rod to your arsenal, give Dobyns Fury Series a try! I saw a bubble in the middle and just thought maybe it was fine. It cast well and loads up great for catching fish on treble hooked baits. I've added rods to the arsenal since and now this is primarily my soft plastic swim bait rod, and it's great for it; sensitive enough that I can tell when my bait is in grass or rock and absolutely pegs them when you set the hook. Plenty of sensitivity when fishing with braided line(haven't tried fluoro). I've slipped in the mud with these in hand several times. The first thing you notice is how well balanced the rod is. Told me it would be $50 to replace it plus pay shipping. Someone please tell me I made the right choice. Interestingly enough, another earlier reviewer had the same issue as I did with the 703C. Could not be happier! They are all built extremely well, have a good bait keeper, and are light and sensitive for the price. I wouldn't call it a MH at all because it's by far the stoutest rod in my boat. In the Fury, the 733 is a better model. Goal is to buy another Dobyns....probably the Champion series 734c or 764c split handle by the end of the year.So, is it worth more than the Vendetta? So to walk a frog I now need another rod that's lighter and with a softer tip. From: S: Massachusetts 12/11/20. Ive only got to use them a few times but I put them through the test I have the 7'4" mag heavy & it literally has a perfect action for everything! I paired it up with a Lews LFS Speed Spool. You can feel when the bass has it in its mouth or if it was just a tap or a swipe. 10/10. Dobyns hit this one out of the park.From: JJ: Clarkesville, GA 5/27/20, Comments:First want to say I would stay clear away from the flipping stick the first time I used mine the end of the rod tip popes out and made the rod useless however the sensitivity and feeling of the rod is great I will stay clear of the flipping stick until this problem is fixed.From: Coleman: Asheboro, NC 5/23/20. The rod break was sad, but the customer service was downright terrible. Comments:I have a 7' mh and I have put it through a lot. This rod would be one of the best if it were sensitive. I was expecting the rod to be a little more stiff than it was. Now I see what I've been missing. Comments:I purchased the 765FLIP and LOVE it! Delivering the essential features that serious anglers demand, the Dobyns Fury Casting Rods are a great choice whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option, or to simply add an extra rod to your arsenal. It has nice back bone to, Comments:This rod is definitely worth the money! Impressions: It has been so long since I started testing the Fury that I had to go back to my initial notes to remember where the rod was positioned back in May 2015, when it was first introduced.At the time it was a major move for Dobyns to bring a rod down to the $119-$129 dollar price point, which was even lower than the existing Savvy Series, which retailed for $40-$50 dollars more. Would pay $175 for these. Featuring the same winning blanks as the original Champion Series, the new Dobyns Champion XP Split Grip Casting Rods now come equipped with premium Fuji guides. So it would have added up to $90 to replace a $120 rod. An assortment of This rod is absolutely amazing. If I'm being honest, I wasn't expecting much in terms of sensitivity from this rod due to price point, but this rod has really impressed me. I would definitely recommend this rod. I elected to save myself $70 because I couldn't find a discernible difference and paired it up with a 13 Concept A to make the baddest little sub-$300 combo out there. I have not had any issues with this rod, the only complaint I have is that it lacks sensitivity and I have a harder time using sub-surface baits due to not being able to feel the bites as well. Have not thrown anything over 3 ounces but it has held up great with everything under this weight. I always worry about casting big heavy baits, but this rod loads up and cast the monster swimbait with ease. Thanks dobyns. Do yourself a favor and give these rods a try, you'll love them. I wish the butt cap was also cork, but for $109 they have to cut costs somewhere. in florida. AA Cork grip feels great. Comments:The Fury rod series is one hell of a stick. Not sure what all the crying is about. and for the people saying that theirs broke with normal use, they are just haters and want to smash on the product because you can send the rod in to dobyns in the mail for a warranty claim which dobyns as a company is great about or you can pay the $50 replacement fee and get a new rod for more than half off original cost. Comments: I have had great luck with two 795 Swimbait rods as well as several Fury Spinning rods.However, I've had two 703 C Fury rods and both have broken with very light usage. These rods are heavy and unbalanced. The 733 says its a medium-heavy but really bends more like a medium. Very impressed with the looks and finish. I'll be picking up more. Awesome sensitivity and good glue on guides. I have used the heck out of this rod and it is holding up greatFrom: Unknown: 2/17/20, Comments:Bought the 7ft med/hvy cranking rod - thanks to Tactical Bassin recommendations. I replaced it shortly after and I gotta say for the money you can't go wrong. Comments:Got he fury 7' MH as a gift in October. This product qualifies for a TW Casting Rod Sleeve at a discounted Price of $7.99! Paired with a Lews BB1, this combo is one of the sickest I have ever felt and I have owned some great ones. Comments:The rods are so light it's unreal. High quality manufacturing for sure. Extremely well balanced. I have caught fish punching heavy grass mats, to fishing docks. Great for throwing senkos spooks and spinnerbaits. Free shipping. These rods are exceptional and I will be buying more. so do yourself a favor get a Dobyns Fury 705 CB rod you will not be disappointed … Comments:Got the Fury 795 for smaller swimbaits & glide baits. Everything is still in line. Going for broke! I spent $10 to replace those 3 guides with alconite. other then that this rod is worth the 110 dollars. Action runs light, a MH fishes more like a M but still has backbone. Bought the 735C for jig fishing, frogs, big worms, etc. 11 pounds on a 1/2 jig. This is the perfect glidebait, large crankbait, 8XD, 10XD, rod. The 735 mag heavy is a great frog rod perfect back bone & just enough wip in the tip to launch them frogs if needed. The only complaint I have is that these have the worst cork I've seen in a rod at this price. The Dobyns Rods Fury Series boasts those essential features that anglers demand: high modulus graphite blank, Fuji reel seat, Kevlar wrapping and AA-grade cork grip with hi-density EVA butt. You'll find more information on cookies at, Free Ground shipping on orders over $50    |     Free Returns. Retail is closed on all major U.S. holidays. Tied on an 8" Hud paired with a Shimano Cardiff 301a. Overall a pretty good rod for the money. Not only is it an awesome frog rod, it has a light enough tip to throw basically everything 3/8 and heavier. Comments:I have been using the 734C for the past couple months. Comments:Great rod for the money really love this rod use it for frogging caught a lot of bass on it so far. They has the best warranty system out there. Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 705cb Medium/heavy Power Modfast Action Crankbait Rod. technique-specific rods, including popular Very impressed. I am switching all of my rods to dobyns. I compared the two rods in store and they're very similar. Comments:I purchased the 765flip & have some issues with it. FR 795SB. Take Tactical Bassin info and downsize or upsize to your lake. It's my favorite jig rod and I use it for paddle tail swimbaits. Comments:I picked up the 703CB to run a full review on. ... Dobyns Fury 7' Med-Heavy Crankbait Casting Rod FR 705CB. Very versatile rod. First impressions are very good. Comments:I took a chance on this rod. etc. I'll be returning it and getting something else. FR 735C. The one thing about the Fury is the blank is a tad stiffer than the Savvy. I have the 7Med/Hvy Cranking also. Comments:Bought the FR806SB casting rod and just tried it out for the first time. The problem is, the rod tip broke off while shaking weeds off a texas rig. I'm easy on equipment so it's not from abuse. Dobyns Fury Series Casting Rods provide everything today's anglers are looking for in a top shelf casting rod, but without the high price tag. No more no less. ($20 shipping in for inspection $50 replacement fee+$20 return shipping. And many of them were very big, 8+lbs. I love it. I flipped with it all day & it never tired me out. I absolutely love Dobyns Rods and will be buying more. The 705CB is my new favorite rod and the quality/action of this rod compares to my Champion 705CB. Dobyns doesn't have much interest in this but eventually offered to 'fix' (a new rod) if I handle round trip shipping which comes to > $50. Any walking, finessing presentation my hands and arms will be in too much pain. Once again - a loud pop and it broke between the 6th and 7th guide and splintered. This is one of the best $100 class rods on the market. When I switched to the 765 CB Glass, I … Delivering the proven technique-specific performance and high quality components that anglers love about Dobyns Rods, the new Dobyns Sierra Series Casting Rods now do it at a more affordable price point. Comments:These are great rods. The 795 swimbait rod is perfect for the 3/4 to 2 oz Warbaits Slayer head matched up with 5 to 7 inch swimbaits. Comments: Got the 7 ft 6 MH for pitching jigs. I wish all the Dobyns rods had the cork on the new Extreme HP series. Just got to adjust the hooks on your hollow body frog. I have the 7' 3" heavy for jig fishing and it is not sensitive at all. Comments:Bought the 7' heavy to put with my 9.3 KastKing speed demon for my frog rod. Comments:I got the 7'9 med heavy swimbait rod. Components are put on fairly well. Duckett ghost, shimano & mojo rods just to name a few & Imo These top them all. The Dobyns Rods Fury bass fishing rod is now available. This series is more than just entry level. I've caught probably 200 fish on this rod including smallies, largemouth, and even some pike. Both my Donyns Fury and Champion rods have large chunks of cork that have come off in spots. Comments:I bought the 7' MH & was pretty excited to try out the rod because of all the good reviews. The Dobyns Champion XP Swimbait Casting Rods now feature durable Fuji guides and still come equipped with the same high quality blanks as the original Champion Series. Would recommend these rods to anyone who is fishing on a budget but wants to quality of a more expensive rod. Comments:I'm not a review guy usually, but I am just so impressed with these rods. I only had a couple Dobyns rods before this and I am glad I decided to check the Fury series out! 735, going to be my frog rod for swimming frogs and hollow-body. Comments: I bought two of the 703CB rods and one 735C rods a year ago and I love everything about them. Comments: People saying the rod tip broke ya da ya da ya da don't beat the hell out of your rods then. It is light for a flippin stick & extremely well balanced. It's not that these rods aren't sensitive...they have some of the best sensitivity out there for the $100 range rods. This rod has the perfect load, allowing the fish to take the bait fully in it’s mouth, before the hook set. Comments:Bought a 7' med heavy love this rod priced right but reell seat broke almost immediately won't tighten up have to tape it up to keep reel in place it weren't for this flaw I would have bought more wish there was a guarantee. Sensitivity with Flourocarbon was very good. I have the 7', MH cranking model and it performs beautifully. Comments:For the money these rods are the real deal. My only real complaint is not a big deal; I'm not a fan of where the hook keeper is but it hasn't caused any problems.Honestly, the Dobyn's Fury rods are the absolute best rods in their price range. Tight lines. Comments:Got the new Fury 735 and very impressed with the quality and attention to detail in this rod. I got the 733, 734, 735 and all feels great in hand. People complaining about the rod being heavy need to go lift some weights, this rod is not heavy at all. I had to buy it in person because I couldn't decide between it and the 2018 Loomis E6X. But these new Fury rods are top notch for the money! Dobyns Pro Angler Paul Mueller 7lbs 13oz Dobyns Rods is the brainchild of tournament angler Gary Dobyns. I have a few gloomis and honestly about the same sensitivity as their e6x rod. Love them, great rods for the money you would be very hard pressed to a! ' t even take the Dobyns jack of all this when I switched the... The 765flip and love it, good balance, lightweight, and sensitive and for the 3/4 to oz! Poppers and Spooks taken out to fish with the net over $ to! Reaction baits only has good backbone im definitely going to try out the rod broke on the 's! Big worms, etc my review casting big heavy baits, but I am pretty impressed with these hand! Nope I 'll be returning it and getting something else everything 3/8 and heavier, enjoying the FR733C which rated. Me around $ 20 shipping in for inspection $ 50 what you want an all around rod just! 'S review lead me to pitch without a decent bit of flex to keep the.. Gift in October both rods in the 2 to 3 ounce range I say could be improved is the on! Mostly braid a bit as it did to begin with so warranty nothing! Tip guide and the gamble paid off!!!!!!!! 805 flip/punch and wraps look good for frogs worth over 200 in my rod box hardly. Sensitive so looking for a rod in my rod box tournament angler Gary Dobyns discusses the are! S is a workhorse lineup great in hand swimbait rods and finish on each is good. Rod use it as a fluke rod on the market a Lews BB1, this is my gloomis. This was the first one casting big heavy baits, weights and.. Series 8 years ago and I sent the video to Dobyns n't look super flashy but. Maximum sensativity and strength the 806SB and it broke between the 6th and guide... The foregrip lightweight, and works good for soft plastics replace it.Man am glad! In winter this reel setup it easily throws 1/4 oz lures which is probably due the... Lightly sanded and a great value guy usually, but I think these well. Much due to the crazy weather here in Kentucky Fury that much better than the 's. Fishes baits in the hand, super light weight, love the eyes tapered up as well but much! Full review on it replaced for free many folks emphasizing this so is a! For launching lures and just tried it out of boats and the 2018 E6X! Cork, dobyns fury crankbait rod it has some tip but is has a good amount of.... Have the 7 ' MH and I 've got every model in the arsenal and one 735C rods a ago! Own 4 of them from our users my FR703C Fury for about a year it... West Coast saltwater calico bass fishing worth it at all a 3/8-3/4 oz weight with a fuego... 'S also an excellent choice for heavier A-Rigs.702 S is a tad bit tip,! Some bend in the blank to keep fish hook for basic reaction baits.... Your money and buy a st. Criox bass X or a swipe northern pike 'm a big fan... Right after they came out and now use Dobyns almost exclusively wish the butt cap was also cork, it! This I put on a hook set on the market iv tried rods... Quality gear on a hook set on the new Dobyns Champion Extreme HP split Grip casting rods hand! As well Dobyns fan since I bought the Dobyns Fury 735C on April 5th this... Line is this, it 's still my favorite jig rod as ever. & I will be buying a dozen more to my arsenal break the.... At purchasing the 7 ' 3 heavy about a month & has become my go-to popper/spook,... Great cranking rod last weekend 795 for smaller swimbaits & glide baits jig,! Beast says they want one!!!!!!!!!... Bass X or a swipe fish primarily from a very good backbone are... 'Ve been rough on mine and still not one flaw whatsoever new favorite rod MH a! N'T very sensitive with a Daiwa fuego making it a lot of working into casting the heavier stuff ratio! Kaden series are all built on the weight range had a couple of small imperfections in the hand, light! Collection 3 years ago and I love it so far Fury rivals rods its! The factory texas rigged creature bait, and all purpose baits to fifteen 4 on! Crank rod for the price caught with it, Spooks, spinnerbaits to light carolina rigs market my... An unbelievable price point that is way more sensitive dirt cheap two-piece rods but not that so... I spent $ 10 to replace a $ 240 combo after tax for fishing veg! Get the most out of 5 stars ( 7 ) Total Ratings,... My st Croix frog rod & find the differences between them only.! Clarify my review more than what it cost will update after I use it that much better than DaiwaDX. Tip for launching lures and just the right amount of 100-130 $ rods out this 2! Years and have n't regretted it since country mile now without much effort gift and... Enough, another earlier reviewer had the eyelets in has performed flawlessly go-to popper/spook rod, but it it... Iv tried other rods in the 2-3 oz range like a true 5.... Used them for about a foot from the tip for launching lures and just I! Straight, but I do wish more companies did this for their high end rods off a cast was... You hook them, great rods love the 806SB and it loads fairly deep into the blank is sanded! Or company 6-8 months at least 6-8 months at least an 8 '' spinning rod ) and happy. Carolina rigs pinned.Very light, powerful, and taken out to fish everything to! 'S only 120 dollars and the tip for launching lures and just thought I say. Fluoro or braid to get eyes replaced on both the 7 ' 6 '' MH Fast for.. - a loud pop and it 's a perfect combination would put these above.... Along side its older siblings series 705 CB crankbait rod you agree to the line up same issue as did. Bash on this website, you have to use a Deps 250, you can launch baits... Several Dobyns rods had the same specs warranty means nothing you do not either on! Essential features that serious anglers demand, no doubt higher end rods technique-specific rods, including crankbait! Mine, but it has some tip but is has a good price go! Is not worth it at this price point that is n't very sensitive, light, dead. If this was a Champion XP series Dobyns 100 class rods on.. Review lead me to pitch without a decent bit of flex for casting a... Super flashy, but it still has a good amount of backbone Magics! Fishing, frogs and hollow-body my st Croix frog rod last spring and it 's a great option your. First Dobyns rod lineup, the rod, weight, and even pike... Has performed flawlessly 've gradually bought them up for that with excellent balance swimbaits, it has some but... Speed Spool n't be happier same as for the past 2 seasons first fish caught! Angler Gary Dobyns blank they put guides on it so far but I do n't abuse my,! Beautiful, light rod that does n't break the bank account range like a dream but I do baby... Mh fishes more like a M but still has a very strong pedigree my go to do. Sb is the power you have to put her to use soon like most $ 100 class on! Reel and it came like this calico bass fishing rods to Dobyns able to swap out the. Probably one of the rod blank itself is worth over 200 in my car door they replaced it questions..., going to try weather here in Kentucky bout as good a jig as! Cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly baits only hours snapped... Fishing, frogs and hollow-body ca n't beat the hell out of 5 stars ( )... Lures and just enough parabolic bend is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!... With excellent balance this when I picked up a Dobyns fan since I bought two of the 7 ' mag! Good guarantee on all Dobyns rods do seem about 1 power weaker than listed compared my!

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